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Discover the world’s most trusted concrete sandwich wall insulation systems

Comprised of fiber composite connectors and pre-fabricated rigid insulation and serviced by industry experts, Thermomass insulation systems install easily and are fully tested. Facilities insulated with Thermomass products are quiet, safe and almost maintenance free. They are also hurricane, tornado and fire resistant. Heating and cooling costs are also greatly reduced since over 99% of the insulation value is maintained. Learn more about our complete line of concrete insulation systems below:


Thermomass System SW creates a non-composite insulated concrete sandwich wall where one layer of concrete is the structural element and the other is an architectural wythe. This system is ideal for any kind of structure; from homes to high-rises.

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System DW was developed specifically for the European double-wall market. With its light-weight design, it is a popular choice for residential and commercial structures. In North America, […]

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The System CW optimizes insulation coverage and composite action, providing designers the highest level of insulation value in a composite panel. Thermomass System CW is a patented […]

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System VW is designed for cast-in-place concrete walls. It is unique in that it allows a concrete contractor to integrate a layer of insulation into a vertically […]

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Modular precast construction allows designers and contractors to build a facility room by room with quality controlled concrete units. Units are outfitted with windows, doors, plumbing and […]

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Sternanker / Star Connector

The Star Connector is another high load bearing connector of the Thermomass Connector Series

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Additional Products from other Suppliers

Please follow this link to find out more about the products from Owens Corning in Cooperation ReforceTech

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