Owens Corning in Cooperation with ReforceTech Products

We are happy to introduce an additional interesting product, the Alkali Resistent Glass Fiber Reinforcing MiniBars from Owens Corning in Cooperation with ReforceTech from Norway.

The Composite Reinforcing Fibers for Concrete complement and expand our product palette in Germany and other regions.

The MiniBars are stronger and lighter than steel and generally have a length of 43 mm.

They received a Building Permit for Non-Load-Bearing Elements, such as thin Sandwich Panel Exterior Concrete Layers, from the DIBt in Germany in September 2015.

An additional Permit followed in March of 2016 for Load-Bearing Elements.

It is possible to reduce the Exterior Concrete Layer thickness of a Sandwich Panel to 35 – 40 mm using the Non-Corrosive Fibers, while use Concrete with a Strength of C 30/37. Thinner Exterior Panel thicknesses of down to 15 mm are also possible when using Ultra High Strength and High Performance Concrete.

THERMOMASS developed a modified Connector Series to accommodate thin Concrete Layers, so that a Thermal-Bridge-Free Solution is possible for such panels as well.

If you have any questions about the use of the MiniBars for your Elements, please do not hesitate to contact us with any inquiries.


Building Permit for AR-Glasfiber-Minibars for non load bearing elements in German

Building Permit for AR-Glasfiber-MiniBars for load bearing elements in German

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